World-Wide Access to Stratus

Stratus is constantly growing as a market leading, Corporate eLearning Tool.

We have noticed that many of Stratus' competitors distribute their software by, firstly signing customers up to a 1 month trial, and then approaching the customer to instigate a purchase for the full product software when the trial period has ended. We have come up with a different solution to make Stratus available to anyone in the World, and also, even more consumer friendly.

Stratus is available to anyone in the world for FREE!!!. Thats right. Anyone can Register and Login to Stratus and create eLearning. The FREE edition of Stratus will allow customers to create small pieces of basic eLearning. There are NO FREE eLearning tools on the market today.

We understand that some customers will want more out of Stratus. The FREE edition of Stratus is designed mainly for small group training. To allow Stratus to really stretch it's legs, customers can purchase a license for Stratus Enterprise. This is an easy to use, intelligently designed, totally customisable and sustainable way of creating company-wide eLearning.

Our main goal is for Stratus to be the best. With these two versions; Stratus and Stratus Enterprise, we have catered the needs for customers that want to make a few small pieces of eLearning for FREE and corporate customers who want to make company wide, professional, detailed, adaptable eLearning.