Stratus Presenter Module

Stratus Presenter Module, an optional module that delivers Live Online Webinars, briefings, meetings or any 'happening' that your organisation needs to conduct.

It's simple, schedule the event and invite your attendees.

Within Stratus attendees see the event in their diary, they can access all delegates materials and enjoy full voice and video interaction.

No need to fiddle about with seperate telephone calls, one simple integrated tool.

Once underway your delegates will be part of a fully interactive training online session with questions alerts and everything they are familiar with when they go to a training course.

Did we mention if the event has a pre-course reading list attendees will be able access that too?

So, your Trainers and Delegates are now happy. We think your Finance Team and budget holders should be too.

Stratus Presenter Module allows you to control your budget. A 25 seat, unlimited license costs £5000 per annum and that is it; no further bills which mean simple costing and streamlined administration.

  • Your trainees can reach you where ever they're based.
  • Your customers will not have to factor travel costs.
  • Your tests and materials are online.
  • You administer your schedule and sessions.
  • As a training provider you will be able to charge for these events.
  • One annual bill.
  • "Live online training has been a service many Stratus customers have wanted us to integrate. Blended learning is something we are all familiar with but enabling elearning and live online to be managed within the same system creates a more cohesive and therefor accessible programme for our customers learners."

    — Ruth Davidison, Stratus Enablement Team

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