The Stratus Enablement Team go Wild!

The Stratus Enablement Team have been extremely busy in the run up to the Christmas break.

The Team have been aiding our new and existing Stratus Enterprise License holders with the consolidation and updating of their eLearning, and all of the Look & Feel amendments that follow, working to deliver these changes for launch and readiness for 2013.

As soon as the customer provides us with their eLearning, the Team then first, works with the Customer to ensure the eLearning content is of optimal standard and efficiency, then, the Design Team step in to ensure the layout of the Stratus Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is bespoke to the needs of the customer.

Once the customer is then happy with the outcome of their Stratus VLE, it will Go Live, but our Enablement and Design Teams will always be on hand and available to be of assistance.

With Stratus live customers use the SCORM importer to upload their course libaries however as part of their migration clients often use the process to update and improve content or assessments. The integrated Stratus Content Developer Tool and Assessment Builder are the natural choice for customers elearning developers, and once again our Enablement and Design Teams remain on hand and available to be of assistance - especially with tight timescales in mind.

"Customers have realised migrating to Stratus enables consolidation of the multitude of eLearning tools and platforms their organisations are using. The move brings both their elearning development and learning environments together to provide a more coherent learning & development strategy whilst streamlining and reducing licensing costs. Great news as we keep both the Learning & Development and Finance Departments of our clients happy!"

— Ruth Davidison, Stratus Enablement Team

Cost savings made from consolidation have been used by some customers to fund updates and redesigns of their course suites to obtain better content, on a consolidated platform with reduced forward cost of ownership.

StratusConsolidateLook and Feel.