New Stratus Look and Feel!

Stratus Look and Feel

We are delighted to announce an upgrade to the Stratus Look and Feel suite.

Upon launching the new Look and Feel (LAF) suite which allows customers to fully customise their Stratus eLearning sites to match their company branding, we have received excellent feedback from our Corporate Enterprise Customers. We are now launching the Stratus Public Community Themes Pack allowing users to select from a range of exciting themes and "skins". These have all been developed using the new Stratus Look and Feel suite.

The Stratus Look and Feel suite allows users to:

  • Insert a Company Logo
  • Change the Background Colour of the page
  • Apply a different colour for the main Toolbars
  • Use different colours for the Header text, the Normal text, and the Link text, and to apply different fonts
  • Change the background colour on the Toolbar tabs that have been selected
  • Apply a different colour to the menu boxes on the page
  • Change the colour of the borders on the menu boxes

The new range of features are fully supported with new Stratus functionality:

  • Company and User Level LAF Definitions
  • Real-time Preview and Publishing
  • Google Font Support
  • Public Theme Development and Publishing
  • Private Theme and Brand Management (Enterprise)

This new update has given Stratus' world-wide users more flexibilty on the type of design they want on their sites. It ensures that Stratus is a tool than can be adapted to suit the Look and Feel functionality of any company that uses this Market-Leading tool.

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