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Neill Technologies, a Salon and Spa products distributor and software provider, serves 10 States in the South-Eastern United States with current expansion into the European market place. Neill Technologies services include product distribution, technology, education, and retail design.

As a software company in an industry with a high turnover of users, Neill Corp. saw the need to provide their clients, salon and spa owners, with a comprehensive training tool for their staff. The tool needed efficiency to get their new staff members quickly trained on internal systems.

Identifying the highest client needs, Neill Corp. decided to focus on the two main software functions impacted by high turnover – the booking function and the point of sale function. With the assistance of iTrain’s Stratus eLearning platform, Neill Corp. provides clients with a self-study online eLearning tool that is accessed by user's anytime and anywhere.

With iTrain’s first-rate assistance, Neill Corp’s business systems have moved to the next level and we are working more efficiently on an enterprise-wide system.

— Karen McLaughlin, Senior VP Human Resources.

Enabling Change

Neill Technologies purchased Stratus eLearning on a long-term renewable contract. They have used Stratus as a tool promoting their courses in eNewsletters, advertisements, and on their website. Neill Corp requires password logon to Stratus, helping them track frequency of use as well as success and completion of required training modules. Both Neill Corp and their clients have commented that the Stratus eLearning platform saves them immeasurable time – ‘Stratus basically gives new staff the training needed to get "up to speed” within 2 hours’. The hands on practice and tests keep the user's interest and thus provide an effective learning tool.

Given the initial success of Stratus, Neill Corp has since expanded their business relations with iTrain to include consulting projects. They also now use Stratus to train their own staff and have found clients use it as a tool for new staff and as a "refresher course" for returning staff. By offering web-based tools to our clients, we alleviated our client’s workload both personally and for their clients - thus giving both of them time to focus on delivering the best experience possible to their customers.

Transformation Benefits

  • Bespoke course modules for Neill Corp and their clients booking and point of sale functions
  • 2 hour training process in high turn-over industry providing immeasurable time savings
  • Online access for over 438 businesses and 2000 + end users anytime and anywhere
  • Reporting tools to track employee module completion and success rates.
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